Panchiko - R>O>B>O>T>S>R>E>P>R>I>S>E

Liza Anne - Bummer Days

Thunder Jackson - Find Yourself

Su Lee - I'll Just Dance

School of X - Forget Me on the Moon

Daine - Picking Flowers

Sherwyn - My Mind

Pace - Fallen

Alana Maria - Happier

Alex Porat - Happy For You

Noelle - Shades of Blue

TUYS - More Than An Account

Space Case - Really Wanna

Tash Sultana - Pretty Lady

Andreas Vey - The One

Louis Cope - Pale Me

Chappell Roan - Pink Pony Club

Timsters - Call Now, Amor: +33977555577

Dylan - Your Issues

Riva Taylor - Chaos Killed The Thrill

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - She's There

The Treble - All The People

Julian Lamadrid - Cigarette

Berne - To The Lions

Bad Actor - What You Came For

Gia Woods - Ego

Dolly Bing Bing - Eat Me

Elm - Golden

Noelle - Never Forget You

Aisha Badru - Love Doesn't Fade