Mumble Tide - Orbit

Magdalena Bay - Live 4ever

Spill Tab - Cotton Candy

Matt Ryder - Not The Same

Alex Porat - Never Say ILY Again

Nessa Barrett - Pain

Amy Allen - Difficult

Teezo Touchdown - SUCKA! ft. Fred Flippstone

DC - Tears, Sweat, Blood

They Hate Change - Stunt Cams

PEARL - Montana

Ben Hazlewood - Revelry

Teddi Gold - Bossa Nova Baby ft Mi$HRNZ

Qhairo - Goodnights and Goodbyes


Joshua Bassett - Anyone Else

Teezo Touchdown - Careful

beabadoobee - Care

Ethan P. Flynn - Everybody's Dying To Meet You

The Dawn of MAY - Zenith

Catchtwentytwo - Won't Wait Anymore

KiD RAiN - Bored of Love

Shango SK - Innocent

Bendrix Littleton - Deep Dark South

Teezo Touchdown - Strong Friend

Amy Allen - Queen of Silver Linings

Josie Proto - Wales

Seeyousoon - Shut Up

Polly Scattergood - Clouds

Aaron Taylor - Shooting Start ft. Benny Sings