Konyikeh – Sorrow

Konyikeh radiates a quiet power in her debut. Born in London and raised in Essex, this striking musician has already received high amounts of praise from icons of the UK scene, even performing with Dave during the opening of his 2022 BRIT awards performance of In The Fire with legends of the UK scene. Then she was just an unknown, now she’s stepping into the spotlight, letting her powerful classic voice find a home within the souls of her listeners, forming an irreversible bond as a result. She’s got that something special and it’s on full display today.

Her debut Sorrow is timeless. Her voice isn’t liquid gold, it’s liquid platinum as it cascades over the soundscape, filling ever nook and cranny with tender emotion that pierces through your heart like a knife. She evokes the classic storytelling of Etta James with the power her voice possesses, her lyrical prowess is awe-inspiring, being grounded in reality with a journal entry quality. She bares her soul to us and we find ourselves within her music. Konyikeh harnesses her musical prowess for what is an astounding debut.

“I was very rebellious and religion wasn’t a thing to me even then, I was calling myself an atheist – but my parents weren’t religious either, but my mum would go to church and pray for me still.” 

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