Stevie Howie – nameless

Stevie Howie’s “nameless” is a heartfelt song addressed to the person who sexually assaulted the woman he loves. The lyrics express the pain and anger that come with learning about a loved one’s assault, as well as the hope for healing and justice.

After he began teasing the track on TikTok it blew up on the platform and he would start to hear from sexual assault survivors from across the globe praising him for his ability to open on the matter and articulate the topic. Fans seemed to really take to the lyrics as some fans felt they could really relate, one stating “As someone who has been through this, you sang every thought I’ve had about them”.

The song begins with Howie’s very intense message to the perpetrator. Throughout the whole track the vibe is extremely revengeful as the tempo builds so does the suspense of each lyric. You can understand the disbelief & anger upon Stevie learning about the assault. He sings about his desire for revenge, but as the song progresses, Stevie reflects on the pain that his loved one is going through and the fact that the perpetrator is nameless to him, not giving the perpetrator the satisfaction of saying his name.

“nameless” is a reminder that sexual assault can happen to anyone and that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and confused. But it’s also a message of hope, reminding us that healing and justice are possible. As a society, we need to do more to support survivors and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Stevie Howie’s “nameless” is a powerful contribution to this conversation, reminding us of the importance of standing with survivors, supporting their healing, and working towards a world where sexual assault is no longer tolerated.

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