“Pink Pony Club” sees Chappell Roan go on her own fluid-journey of self discovery


When you first move away from home you go through a period of self discovery, you’re far away from what people think you are and what they expect you to be so you have the freedom to try to discover who you truly are. It’s quite a liberating experience and it’s what happened with the Missouri singer Chappell Roan who today releases her transformative single Pink Pony Club, a track that expresses her own fluid journey of self-discovery through her first visit to West Hollywood’s world famous gay bar, The Abbey.

“All of a sudden I realized I could truly be any way I wanted to be, and no one would bat an eye,” says Roan. “It was so different from home, where I always had such a hard time being myself and felt like I’d be judged for being different or being creative. I just felt overwhelmed with complete love and acceptance, and from then on I started writing songs as the real me.”

It makes sense that a track about her own self discovery would see her show off her new bombastic, shimmering and ridiculously infectious sound to the world. Filled with glittery hooks that are bursting with life, a pulsating rhythm that is hard to ignore, two simply electric guitar solos and introspective lyrics that dive into the ins an outs of her journey. It’s an unreal single and when you combine it with the joyfully vibrant music video that features the two legendary drag queens Porkchop and Meatball then you know you’ve got something that is going to set the world alight.

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