Brenn! – 4Runner

If you’ve been on TikTok over the last few weeks then your FYP would’ve been flooded by Brenn!’s latest track. The small snippet he teased helped the artist amass a huge following on the app, all screaming out every word of the snippet and showcasing what the track feels like to them.

4Runner has seen people fantasise about running off into the distances to start a new life without telling anyone you know, how it describes the feeling of summer when you’re finally let loose in the sun, or even breaking down during one of happiest moments of your life because of your difficult past. For me though, it’s that feeling of the runner’s high. As that song builds to the grand finale, the vocals screaming out with the euphoric production building around them, raising your spirits higher as you get quicker, the wind blowing your hair, the sound of you feet stomping against the pavement, you close your eyes and you can experience it.

Whilst everyone forms their own relationship with the track and what it means to them, the track is simply about some kids and their old 4Runner. He’s managed to turn what could’ve been a mundane tale into one that everyone has become enthralled by. The nostalgic build of the cinematic production allows his exposed vocal to weave in-between the melodies, becoming one as the tender lyrics pierce your heart with their benevolence.

This is a lot of people’s introduction to the 18 year old, but it’s more than certain this introduction is going to become an everlasting friendship as the years go on.

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