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The debut single is most important piece of music an artist will ever release as it is the first piece of music that introduces the world to your sound. Some artists miss the trick with it but Toronto based four piece New West have absolutely hit it out of the park with their tender and compassionate debut single Those Eyes that will have you reaching for the tissues in no time at all.

There’s so much powerful emotion in the vocals that makes you just stop what you’re doing and take notice of the beauty you’re beholding, you just get drawn into them with the harmonious falsetto’s sending shivers across my body. Then you’ve got the instrumentation that takes you back to that feeling of falling in love for the first time with the poetic lyricism being the narration of this moment. When it all comes together it hits all the right notes and makes you feel as if you’re floating on air.

It’s a near perfect debut that manages to capture everything beautiful about falling in love and the little things that remind you about why you fell for them in the first place.


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