I’m used to seeing a lot of tracks with grand productions behind them with big and climatic moments, so it’s always refreshing to hear something with a more minimalistic production that tells you a simple story and pulls at your heart strings.

Camp 8’s spectral debut single Everything is spellbinding. It captures you with the atmospheric production featuring a stark backing of only a gentle strumming pattern of an acoustic guitar, luscious vocal harmonies, somber piano chords and the occasional violin melody that builds up the emotionally enthralling nature of the track. The lyrics are outstanding with effortlessly creating an image in your head with his vocal managing to hit all the emotional peaks of the track perfectly. You believe every poetic word he sings and feel it as if it was happening to yourself.

It’s one of those rare tracks that makes you stop what you’re doing and lose yourself in the emotion of the song and soon realise you have tears pouring down your face.┬áIt’s an emotional masterpiece and is something everyone should hear.


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