Nashville based pop artist Elle Azar has already released one of the best songs this year in Starry Night that made it into our Unskippable Songs playlist and today she’s dropped the alluringly beautiful track Get Your Hopes Up. After one listen to this track I’m fairly certain she’s going to be the first artist of the year to have two songs in that playlist.

“Get Your Hopes Up is an anthem about finding hope again,” she explained to us in an email. “To be honest, I don’t know if I’d ever really known true happiness until the past couple years, but they’ve been the happiest of my life. This single is celebrating that – celebrating life and human resilience. It’s amazing what people can go through and still come out okay. This song is for the people I know that are in pain and can’t see a way out, because I’ve known that feeling all too well.”

One of the main things I love about this track is that it dances that line between hopefulness and despair perfectly because, as she says, people go through so much pain that sometimes it’s easy to fall into the darkness and listen the cacophony of sounds in your head but the light is always there to help us through. The production is stellar with the verses effortlessly building up to the 90’s house influenced chorus that comes alive it’s intoxicating melody and soul stirring lyrics to match. However it’s Azar’s enchanting vocal that leaves me speechless, she manages to hit these dizzying highs and emotional lows that give this track a real story to follow and invest in. It’s mesmerising.

Get Your Hopes Up is an anthem for celebrating life with Elle Azar offering a silver lining to the tales of despair and hopelessness. With her debut album set to come out at the end of Mental Health Awareness Month we know we’re going to get something special very soon.


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