A little bit about A1234

A1234 is a music blog dedicated to counting in the best new music that the world has to offer. No matter what the genre if we believe in the music we will share it because we believe that it’s not about the style of the music, how big the following is or how high quality the set up is, it’s about the feeling you get when you listen to it. Joy, anger, sadness, envy, excitement, all of these are far more important to us. 

A1234 was originally founded in 2018 between two music loving friends who wanted to share their favourite new music to the world and the blog hasn’t stopped doing that since its creation. We may have changed our website, writers, brand and even name but our reason for creating this blog will always remain here.

The name A1234 came from the count-in. The thing that starts off any live show, any recording session, any orchestral show, any musical moment you’ve experienced, they all started out with A1234.

Here on A1234 you will find the best new music recommendations daily through a wide array of diverse upcoming artists who we believe in and want to support.

The landscape of the music industry is changing with algorithms taking over the new music sharing experience, we disagree with this. What makes music special is the people, the friends who excitedly want to share you their favourite new music or family members who play you a song from their adolescence. People will always be at the heart of music discovery on this site.