Contacting A1234

• Submitting Music

Here at A1234 we pride ourselves on sharing the best new music from up and coming artists around the globe. We know how hard it is to get noticed and that’s why we always want to give a platform for these artists, but over the years we’ve found it increasingly difficult to answer and go through the hundred of emails we receive on a daily basis. To make sure we give each song the time it deserves we’ve focussed all our music submissions onto the professional platforms that assist music publications in this department.

Tracks, Music Videos and Premieres:
Please send to us via our Submissions Form

Please send all music via our submissions form, here we’ll be able to go through and listen to your song and give it the ample time it deserves. Can’t wait to hear your stuff!

• Collaborations

Working With Us:

We’re always open for collaborations with artists, writers and brands. Whether it be interviewing a new artist, reviewing a live gig, having an exciting collaboration or new idea you want share with us or us coming on stage at one of your shows to review every song you perform (we’ve genuinely had that offered to us before, we said no) this is the best place to get in contact with us and discuss the details. 

• General Enquiries

Got a Question:

This is for anything in general, if you’ve spotted an error on one of our site pages, there’s a piece of imagery you own that you don’t want to appear on our site or have any questions you want to ask us like what our favourite animal is (it’s an otter) then this is the email for you.