AP the plan - amyleigh

Chi Virgo - Bye Bye

Tamera - Flipside

Panchiko - R>O>B>O>T>S>R>E>P>R>I>S>E

Post Rome - Want to Believe

Liza Anne - Bummer Days

Amalie Bryde - Colours (Demo)

Sophia Anne Caruso - Toys

Harley Sulé - Something Good

Augustine - Coast

Tipling Rock - Karma

Billy Blond - MIAMI

Ricky Himself - SCREAM! ft. Kailee Morgue

Jessica Winter - Chasing Nightmares

Yung Titties - Pillow Princess

Thunder Jackson - Find Yourself

Òlah Bliss - We Only Live Once

Japan, Man - I Like To Wait

Madge - H8R

Wayley - What's it Gonna Take

Dorian Electra - Sorry Bro (I Love You)

Afflecks Palace - Pink Skies

Brett Castro - a/B: vol.1

Su Lee - I'll Just Dance

School of X - Forget Me on the Moon

Daine - Picking Flowers

Circumnavigate - Layer You Up

Hourglvss - Supreme Beings

Ell Ivy - You Love Her

STACEY - Far Away