BLUE – we were never who we wanted to be

BLUE’s music is best listened to on late nights where rain is trickling down your bedroom window, lightning is striking in the distance creating a low hum, you’re going through a rough day, and you just need a song to help you through the night. A lot of musicians try to capture this sound to land on playlists that have Bart Simpson crying as a cover, creating a masquerade of misery that breathe falsities. BLUE however oozes authenticity, from the lo-fi mic capturing her angelic vocal, to the phone call conversation opening the single. You become a fly on the wall to her breakdown.

We were never who we wanted to be is something beautiful and loving someone that isn’t beautiful. You follow the introspective storyline through a mood focused production, intaking the journey as this romance draws to its natural conclusion. The crackling sound of the mic feels like a break in her mind, stopping to let out her emotions before the gut-wrenching news arrives.

Taking abstract concepts from her personal life and morphing them into pieces of art for the masses, BLUE will find herself landing on countless late night cry session playlists.

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