Beth McCarthy – She Gets The Flowers

Beth McCarthy has a visceral brand of songwriting that emotionally resonates with people across the globe as she makes the hurt and heartache feel like it’s our own and not a song, it’s our story and she’s the one telling it. Her raw honest vocals deliver heartbreaking letters of unrequited love that will have you reaching for tissues as you reminisce about past crushes that you tragically watched get paired off with someone else. This whole concept, and a chance encounter on TikTok, is the driving force behind McCarthy’s latest tearjerker that will undoubtably be featured in countless romantic comedies to come.

She Gets The Flowers makes use of a sparse production to allow the emotion to build up to breathtaking heights as her raw vocals make you feel like you’re witnessing a break down as we reach the climax that puts everything into perspective. She looks at the present where this person is getting the social posts, love and flowers you wanted so badly, it hurts and part of you would just prefer they were lonely that with them but you don’t want them to feel the same pain you do. A heartbreaker released with a frenzy of pent up emotion.

Speaking about the track McCarthy said, “This song tells the story of another person getting the relationship that you wanted and the pain behind that experience. I was actually inspired to write it by a Tiktok of a girl tearfully sharing her own account of this situation and I used the words from this video to create a chorus idea for the song which I shared to my own TikTok. I received so many comments from people who had been through the same thing, who felt understood by the concept and I just found it so powerful that people from all over the world could share in the same kind of pain but from entirely different circumstances – from this, I decided to write the full song!”

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