Emma Beko – lookinforu

You might recall some Emma Beko’s previous work from late 2020 where she began to capture audiences with her heavily authentic sound. It was wrapped in realism, portraying her life, the struggles she’s been through, and overall made music that let you cry, but somehow feel good afterwards. It was an uncanny talent. Now after a few years Beko has pivoted her talents, keeping her sound grounded but adding a touch of fantasy themed whimsy, helping us escape from the well… hardcore world we’re living in. It’s a surreal dream in the present day, that is Emma Beko’s new era.

Our introduction to this new age sound, lookinforu, is a musical hybrid of the glitched out, video gamed themed world of hyperpop, and a hip hop lyrical flow intertwined with the lo-fi liminal sonic aesthetic. It’s a sound distinct to Beko only, continuing her individualistic and idiosyncratic ideology. However, the main evolution of Beko has come from the growth of her lyrical storytelling. Previous entires were honest and emotionally intuitive, but now she’s brutally raw with every word she utters. Gone are the days of masquerading her struggles behind poetically inclined lyrics that find beauty in pain, she’s now letting you know her suffering with the utmost authenticity.

After disappearing into the studio for a while it’s clear to see Emma Beko has made a big comeback. I’ve got no doubt her growth will continue throughout 2023.

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