GRAE – Spinning


Throughout her time as a musician GRAE has always had a knack for portraying compelling stories through her melancholy lyricisms that harbour an underlying hope that sends shivers down my spine and goosebumps across my body. If you close you eyes it feels like you’re watching a movie with her celestial vocal functioning as our humble narrator as she weaves intricate tales of love, pain and admiration that offers us all a brief form of escapism from the anguish and stress that comes through modern living.

Blissfully sentimental Spinning is about her relationship with her dad, how this gem of a human being stepped up to do anything to fill the void of GRAE’s mother after she passed away. Going to concerts together, blasting out classic rock records in the car (which explains why this gives off heavy The Cure vibes), enjoying their time with one another and even supporting her dreams to become a musician. Carrying a wistful nostalgia and undeniable joy, this track is dedicated to the man most fathers should aspire to be.

Must Read