Boy Golden – KD and Lunch Meat

Inspired by hymns you’d sing at the top of your lungs in church whilst still keeping the overall message of hopefulness and the upbeat feeling that causes a whole congregation to rejoice in unison, Boy Golden is rejuvenating the country genre into something addictively fresh. He wants to help people seeking to improve on yesterday’s themes with the artist living by one code and that is to enjoy each day as it comes whilst creating good music. Now he invites you to join his congregation and be apart of his own musical movement in the hopes of uniting us all under one roof in a hazy soundscape that turns sour days into sweet ones.

As the founder and minister, Boy Golden invites us to take a pew and rejoice in the Church of Better Daze as we’re greeted to a sonically enticing show with KD and Lunch Meat that will have you smiling from ear to ear and loving every moment of this number. He gives subtle nods back to the past with the Johnny Cash inspired guitar solo but maintains his alternative take on the genre. Smooth, fresh and crisp, this poignant number will have you singing from the rooftops and celebrating the message that his inspirational musical manifesto he provides to us.

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