Flowerovlove – Malibu


We discovered the innovative London teen Flowerovlove back in 2020, her debut single Kiss & Chase was reminiscent of Rex Orange County as she carried the same level of charisma and charm he channelled into his expressive sound. Since then her talent has only grown, confidently crafting engaging soundscapes that’s seen fans become infatuated by all that she produces, treating them consistently to high quality halcyon melodies. Enrapturing us, she manages to trickle down some of her blooming creative resilience and self-assurance down to the listener, making sure that whenever her you hear the laidback vocal croon the empowering lyrics. She’s one of London’s greatest hidden gems, skating along the fringes of the indie soundscape like an Olympic figure skater and performing a triple salchow to reach territories distinct to her own experiences, Flowerovlove emerges like a phoenix and blazes the way for others to soon follow.

Showcasing her confidence, Malibu has one sole message and that is to thrive. The mindset of a winner, never faltering in stating what she wants, becoming immune to the naysayers in the process, and proudly proclaiming that this is who she is and nothing is going to change that, “Alligator skin we immune Known who I is since out the womb.” Her unique tone blends together with the flourishing soundscape of laidback ethereal guitar riffs, laidback spaced out beats and a hypnotic bassline, making her empowering message pierce through like sunlight through the clouds. She’s on her way to a breakout moment and Malibu is just the beginning.

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