BadMoodRude – Chanel No.5

With a dreamy soundscape comprised of lucid electronically inclined melodies and nostalgically ladened yet tender acoustic guitar plucking patterns, BadMoodRude certainly knows how to create music that is the amalgamation of her own heartache. A deep dive into her discography and you’ll begin to see why her sound has a struck a chord with so many listeners. She doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to expressing herself, using spaced out melodies to create an intimate atmosphere, akin to sitting in your bedroom crying your eyes out with a friend comforting you, she gives you space to find solace within. Chanel No.5 is a prime example of this, tackling the theme of separation and how the simple scent of someones old perfume can linger in our minds, giving us slow moving flashbacks to a time where our rose tinted glasses were firmly on and our hearts were wide open. Her soft spoken vocal tone evokes a fragile feeling within us, showing how anyone can go from strong and together to a wreck on the floor with anything that reminds of someone we’ve lost. Her candid confessions on the halcyon backdrop makes us immerse ourselves in her world and, in all honesty, I never want to leave it.

A momentary glance at the majesty of BadMoodRude’s sound and you’ll fully understand why people are currently going gaga for her. She’s tapped into that special part of her sonic ideology that will undoubtably find the perfect place within countless listeners hearts. Keep a close eye on this one.

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