Petti Hendrix – Be Ok

There’s a fresh nostalgia that radiates from Petti Hendrix’s music. If you were a teenager up during the late 2000’s/2010’s then you’ll have experience the birth of pop punk first hand, and fully understand what I’m talking about here. The young Milwaukee native has a sound that you’d expect to see featured in a 2000’s coming of age movie during the open sequence, if the music for this features a skateboard then it’s already halfway there to being one. It’s rebellious, angst ridden, overflowing with unbridled passion, and that is exactly what this genre should be, so let’s dive straight in to Be Ok.

This is a stadium anthem in the making. The surge of emphatic guitars launch you into a frenzy, pent up energy bubbles up under the melodies before being unleashed in hysteria filled explosion. The chorus is a tidal wave of sound, crashing down upon the listener with a fury of bombastic drums and pounding cymbals clashing against the guitars in a collision of epic proportions. Hendrix’s voice commands your attention from the offset, matching the raw and passionate soundscape whilst becoming the cherry on top of the whole affair. Blast this out and let loose.

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