Knox – Time Machine

One of my favourite musicians to come out of 2022 has to be Knox. Ever since I happily stumbled across Sneakers, which I still have on repeat to this day, I’ve been keeping up to date with every step of this musicians journey. He’s on a rapid incline as the years gone on, dropping singles that’ll enter your heavy rotation instantly, putting on shows that’ve garnered massive love from his fanbase, and recently signing a deal with Atlantic Records, his dream label! 2022 has been his year and he’s closing it out with another scorching hot single Time Machine.

As per usual, it’s a smash hit in the making. With an insatiable production containing an unrivalled energy during the chorus that makes you want to dance like popcorn over a hot fire, Knox balances heartfelt emotion with addictive melodies. The best part about this single though is its growth. It starts off quiet, letting the his tender thoughts sink in before it grows to a grand finale, a climatic chorus that burns brighter than roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars. 2022 has been Knox’s breakout year, 2023 will see him cement his place.

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