Hera Lind – hungry lion

Iceland is known for its indie music scene, I remember in the early 2010’s where you couldn’t go anywhere online without hearing one Icelandic band coming out with another weirdly wonderful song. The past few years however have seen Iceland enter a new era, one where singer songwriters dominate the countries scene. Yes, there are still plenty of bands rocking the country out, but raw folk driven artists like Hera Lind are emerging from the undergrowth and slowly garnering cult like fanbases.

Arriving onto the scene earlier this year with her debut single 365 Days, Lind made an instant impression on music fans. Bursting with sweet yet powerful melodies and creatively intricate lyrics, she showcased her knack for storytelling, and let the listener in on her hardest moments. Fans also fell in love with her personality too with her TikTok’s about everyday life getting millions of views, as well as some of her live performances.

Now she’s dropped her sophomore single hungry lion, a piece she wrote late into her teen years. The angst she felt is shown through the melancholic imagery portrayed through her vivid storytelling, recounting her fear of toxic people dragging her down, and needing to escape from their clutches. Her voice remains firm yet soft, the fear cascading down your body with her quiet confidence letting you know she’s not going to backdown. She channels it all into a song that explodes with passion, letting her emotion out when it previously was holding her down.

“When I wrote “hungry lion” it was a way for me to express myself through song, when I felt I couldn’t express myself verbally. I didn’t realise what I was going through until I put my feelings into metaphors.”

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