Madelline – Late Night Text

Time to discuss Canada’s next rising pop artist now in the form of Madelline who has be consistently impressing us with her compelling brand of pop music as of late. Her last track On A Different Wave was a classy fuck you to the guys who dragged her down that demonstrated her lyrical prowess, strong vocal and was a great transition from her usual jazz styled piece and into the pop queen we now know her to be.

Late Night Text continues her theme of people not giving her more than she deserves with the track being about deserving more than the minimum effort from someone. The verses remain somber with tender melodies building an intimate setting to compliment the more emotive lyrics before the bombastic chorus comes in that offers a more empowering outlook as she realises that she is worth way more than whatever this guy is offering. It’s another strong piece of pop music that is getting me more excited for what Madelline is going to do next within this genre.

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