Reysha Rami – PL4Y


In an era where music can become so banal that we stick to listening to the same five songs on repeat, it can feel like a chore trying to find new, good-quality artistry. Luckily, there are some stars that shine brighter than the rest. Reysha Rami is a budding alternative artist who constantly proves her creativity is unmatched. She caught my attention in August of last year with her single “Technicolor”. With its groovy production, “Technicolor” created an exhilarating feeling that compelled you to get up and dance. Now, she’s making you move again with her new cyber dance-pop track “PL4Y”

With this electronic track, Reysha Rami brought us into her innovative, idiosyncratic mind. “PL4Y” is the result of marrying a futuristic production with an energizing voice. The hook is nothing less than intense. Think of those action-packed science fiction films: a secret agent is speeding on a motorcycle while trying to dodge lasers from their enemies. While the agent is rushing to make their escape, this song is playing in the background, perfectly capturing the fierce emotions of the scene. 

This track also serves as a flirtatious anthem as the lyrics conjure the feeling of wanting to make a move on the person you’re eyeing. It brings a fun and playful — as the title suggests — element to the song, making it more addictive the more you listen. 

Reysha Rami is the moment, and with a talent like hers, she’ll also be the future.

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