Noah Richardson – Tangerine

Ah, the great return to A1234. This was the first place I really started to form as a music journalist, and after a 6-month hiatus learning and growing with Fashionably Early, it felt right to come back and pick up the pen for the place that got me to where I am today. As far as music goes, I’ve been extremely hyper-fixated on artists lately. While the majority of my listening has been with Noah Kahan and his last album, another Noah has been slotting into place right behind his fellow namesake. 

Philadelphia’s Noah Richardson has been hitting his stride lately with Tik Tok and streaming success, most recently on his new single Tangerine. He has been promoting it with visuals of Dominic Fike, Hozier, and all of the other artists that fill the pocket of folk influenced indie music which gives us an idea on what to expect prior to spinning this one for ourselves. He explores the fleeting moments with a past lover, and ties all of our senses into one through the small and intimate moments he once shared in this relationship. Whether it was hair left on his bedsheets, or reminiscing on how her lips tasted like Tangerines; it all is driving him crazy and keeps her at the forefront of his mind. 

When listening to this song we’re left with a melting pot of emotions, and it’s not as black and white as we might expect it to be. You can feel the sadness he carried while writing this, but you know there is something more behind the words he sings. It’s a relationship that he appreciated while it was there, and one that he is thankful for coming and going. Tangerine is a song with a multitude of layers, each of which can be peeled into slices as you metaphorically eat it with every listen.

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