Bb trickz – Trickstar

Everyone over the past couple of weeks has had an opinion on Bb Trickz, I’m not gonna lie either and say that I didn’t have my own preconceived notions about the young starlet. Missionsuicida became one of those songs where it was cool to hate on it, as soon as one person made the joke everyone wanted to be in on it. Comments flocked to her music video saying, “hidden talent keep it hidden,” “this song is a treasure keep it buried,” and “god this song is beautiful and whoever says otherwise is right.”

It’s clear however that none of this phased her because she recently dropped her debut EP Trickstar. Again it began to cause a stir online but I wanted to see if there was more to this than just one vastly over-hated single. So lets see if Bb trickz has more than one trick up her sleeve.

The lead single Missionsuicida has a strong bravado about it, along with many people critiquing the vagueness of bullying within the single, but this is only seen in that one track. The rest of the project sees her go down a more melancholy route where the confidence is dropped and in its place is her emotional delivery. Sentimental and Treachory strip back the production, letting the piece become conversational as we listen to her. It’s a distinct difference I don’t think anyone expected to hear, but in one swift motion she’s shown she’s not one dimensional as a musician. She won’t be boxed by what everyone first heard.

Ah! and Dices Que have strong beats to them too, along with a slick flow that’s quite impressive, but it’s Lo siento mamá that stole the show. This is Bb Trickz being open with us all, she’s not masquerading as someone she’s not and instead openly bares her soul to us through introspective storytelling. Her life is told through conversational lyrics about how she grew up, the struggles she experienced, what he dad was like and how sorry she is for acting that way with her mother. It’s her story, told from her perspective, with no interference from the outside world.

Everyone’s had things to say about Bb Trickz, but despite all that she’s continued to pursue music because it’s what she wants to do. Whilst it’s all been marred by the waves of hate, this project demonstrates that she’s got more talent than people are willing to admit. She’s got potential to do well, let’s see what she can do.

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