Throughout life there are moments where you have to push yourself and do something you never thought you’d be able to do. You need to be brave, stand up with your head held high and know this thing in your way isn’t going to stop you. It’s often something people struggle with but Australian artist G Flip encourages all with the anthem where she tells you, “You have to stand tall and rise above it all.”

I Am Not Afraid is an inspiring track that will hopefully allow others to gain courage from its stirring lyrics that allow you to relate it to any situation you’re going through with the most hard hitting being in the bridge, “Yeah, I have lost all that I had found / Picked myself up off the fucking ground / Yeah this here baby, yeah this here babe ain’t love / Love!” The production is subtle in it’s approach with crisp electronics leading the track with a string section backing it to create this slick dynamic between the pair as G Flip’s vocal pierces through with the empowering lyrics she coos. The journey might be long but it’s the end that makes it all worth while.

Speaking about the track G Flip said, “Everyone has roadblocks in life, tough situations that are hard to get through and the only way to overcome them are to say I Am Not Afraid. Whether it’s getting out of a toxic relationship, coming out to your family or getting bullied. Life throws shit at you and you have to be brave.”

G-Flip never disappoints and her self empowering anthem I Am Not Afraid is no exception. This singer and songwriter is one of the best out there and if that’s not enough for you to dive into her discography then I don’t know what is.


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