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With a uplifting appeal Almost Owen releases the happy go luck “Something In You”

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 19.53.01.png

After traveling the world, learning about every music style he could find and performing in front of audiences everywhere that he could, Almost Owen has finally returned to his home town of Boston and has been steadily releasing pop jams ever since. With his past releases he’s gotten the act of writing irresistible ear-worms down to a fine art and his latest single is no exception.

Something In You is one of those songs that can easily put a smile on your face. The cheerful melody mixed with the uplifting acoustic guitar and rustic beats creates this happy go lucky atmosphere where you just want to sway along and bop your head to that charming hook. It’s got an air of Passenger about it with the song, although having a upbeat nature, actually deals with the difficulties of letting some go and the lyrics do this effortlessly with Almost Owen’s vocal enhancing them even further. These two things combine to create a wonderful juxtaposition with an uplifting atmosphere mixed with more haunting lyrics. It’s kind of mesmerising,

It’s pop at its finest. Almost Owen has managed to craft a gem of a pop track in Something In You that is just a wonderful experience from start to finish.


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