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There aren’t a lot of artists who are able to do what Alyse Vellturo, otherwise known as pronoun, has been able to do. As well as releasing an array of outstanding tracks such as stay and temporary tantrum, she has also been running a highly successful record label called Sleep Well Records and soon she will be releasing her debut album next month. Today though she’s released a brand new single of the LP called sadie.

Speaking about the track pronoun had this to say, “I wrote this song skateboarding around SXSW 2016. I had just started the project and was meeting so many new people and musicians and everything was starting to fall into place. I was so thankful and excited to start a new life and career on my own and leave everything I knew behind.”

Filled with alluringly beautiful guitar melodies that create an anthemic nature around pronoun’s more gritty and grunge like vocal as well as this euphoric atmosphere that comes along with it. She’s always been able to write relatable and honest lyrics and this track is no different with relatable lyrics like “You’re just like everyone out there / You know how good things could be,” being ever present throughout the track. It’s anthemic, ethereal and beautiful to behold.

i’ll show you stronger, the debut album of pronoun, will be released on May 24th and just listening to sadie will make you want this LP now. Pronoun is one of the most exciting and brilliant artists around and honestly I cannot wait for this LP.


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