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Emotional Oranges are easily one of the most exciting acts to come out in recent times with each one of their tracks containing a sultry atmosphere with an intoxicating sound that is mesmerising to behold. On top of that you’ve got the enigmatic nature of the duo who prefer to remain anonymous so people focus more on the music rather than who is actually behind it and honestly, I really love that.

Their latest single is Someone Else, a lusciously smooth and tantalisingly good track that contains these succulent male and female vocals that, when they come together, create a beautiful dynamic. The spacious and laidback nature of the production amplifies the alluring atmosphere further with a deep bassline that makes me feel as if I’m in a 50 Shades of Grey. Finally you’ve got those flirtatious lyrics that add a bit of playfulness to the track whilst also making you feel a bit hot under the collar.

With their debut project set to be release sometime soon it looks as if Emotional Oranges are set to set the world alight and Someone Else is a perfect example of this. Get down to their whole discography and fall in love with their sound today.

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