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With their debut album slowly coming into realisation the LA based band Frenship have just dropped another superb piece of silky alternative pop. The duo have already proven how accomplished they are as songwriters by writing stadium anthems on a regular basis and have developed a sound that celebrates the brashness of 80’s pop mixed with experimental nature of early 90’s hip hop.

Their latest single is called Keep You Close and it’s an emotional pop song for the ages. The production is beautifully done with a simple guitar melody opening the song whilst building this intimate atmosphere before the chorus that adds in a flourish of alluring beats that really helps build on the emotional nature of the track. Lyrically it is superb with the most heart aching beautiful lyric being the one that builds up to the chorus, “I never know where you’re going / I only know when you’re gone.” Then you’ve got the vocals that hold the track together and make it the emotionally captivating piece it is.

With their debut album Vacation coming out on the 17th of May, Frenship have built up the excitement with Keep You Close. That album looks set to be one of the highlights of the year.

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