Luh Tyler – First Show 


When a young rapper usually makes it big, gets a record deal, gets a team, garners a wider-spread fanbase, you often expect their artistry to go in a new direction, becoming more mature in the process. However the 17 year old Luh Tyler has said fuck that and created a music video every 17 year old boy would create if they had his budget. Rappers older than him have done videos like this, truly embracing that Peter Pan Syndrome, but with him doing it’s just a young guy doing something you’d expect them to do.

If you haven’t heard of him before this day, then First Show is a great introduction to the burgeoning talent. There’s something incredibly Floridian about the single, which makes sense considering it’s where he resides, but there’s a unique flow of Tyler too. The way he weaves in-between the beats is quite fresh, endearing himself to the audience while he still maintains that unique quality that made him this popular in the first place. More than anything though, this wunderkind is just a natural. When he’s on the mic you can tell he was made to do this, and that alone should get anyone excited to hear his music.

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