Back in 2021 I stumbled across BLK ODYSSY through his enticing debut BIG BAD WOLF / SOBER and was instantly hooked on him. I dived deeper to see if there was anything else and there was, he was previously big in the Austin, Texas scene as an Americana artist, before deciding it was time to venture a rawer sound. It’s been two years since I shared that my adoration for his musicality and BLK ODYSSY hasn’t stopped, swiftly becoming one of the most exciting faces in the music scene. He dropped one of the projects of the year in BLK VINTAGE, signed to Empire, and hasn’t stopped dropping first-rate music.

If you need somewhere to start, why not start right now? He just dropped a new single ODEE, a track that’s not to be slept on with a laidback style and his honey drizzled vocal accumulating in a swirl of hypnotic wonder. The somber production features a looping beat that gives you flashbacks to the club as it pulses through the body. His lyrics are poetry in motion, elegantly weaving a narrative you wish to behold as emphatic keys glide their way through the soundscape.

BLK ODYSSY is becoming an accurate name for the artist because his music takes us on an adventurous journey and experience.

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