Alicia Creti – Strange


After arriving last year with a powerhouse debut that packed an emotional punch that could rival Mike Tyson’s right hook, Alicia Creti has been quietly developing her talents, hoping to build on her breathtaking start. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Creti’s music is her unfiltered thoughts pouring out into a sonic landscape that captures her sensitive emotions for all to see. Her diaristic lyrics are brought to life by the awe-inspiring vocal performance she consistently graces us with. That’s what makes her standout, that voice. It has the power of Adele mixed with the tone of Amy Winehouse, making anyone who hears stop in their tracks. If you couldn’t tell from what I’ve said, she’s an artist who’s got star power for days.

This all becomes clear in Strange, her first entry into 2023 and damn is it a good one. It’s an internal conflict as Creti notices how she’s changed and doesn’t love like she used to. She’s at war with herself, having an internal battle over how many times she’s been hurt in the past, and how she doesn’t want to experience that again. Then she meets her partner, someone who helps her heal and guides her towards a brighter tomorrow. Their warm touch lifts her up higher than the clouds and you feel her elation through the evangelical vocal. She takes you through a cinematic journey that ends on a high note, taking you with her into the clouds, and that’s the perfect analogy for her music. She makes you feel as if you were floating.

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