Elias Hix – Empty June

On June 1, the indie-folk scene welcomed Elias Hix’s latest release, “Empty June,” with open arms. This enchanting composition, characterized by its vibrant chorus, evocative lyricism, and unforgettable banjo arpeggio, has quickly gained momentum across social media. With this new addition to his discography, Hix delves into the realm of unhealthy relationships and personal realizations, painting a poignant picture through his music.

“Empty June” serves as an introspective journey for Elias Hix, highlighting the realization of the toxic nature of his relationships. The chorus, presented in two parts, portrays the pain of breaking free from these bonds, while the haunting line, “Lost in an Empty June,” captures a profound sense of isolation and loneliness. The choice of the month of June holds symbolic significance as Hix’s birth month, representing both the freedom of rebirth and the inherent lonesomeness that accompanies it.

“Empty June” solidifies Elias Hix’s position as a talented indie-folk artist, captivating audiences with its vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyricism. This song, with its powerful chorus and reflective themes, showcases Hix’s ability to craft immersive musical experiences. As Hix continues to evolve his artistry, his honest and introspective approach is sure to resonate with fans, fostering a deep connection through the universal language of music.

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