Shango SK – Innocent


Over the past few days we’ve had some absolutely stellar debuts from a wide range of artists. From alternative country all the way to indie rock, there’s been a collection of debuts that have got us excited for where the future of music is going and multi-talented newcomer Shango SK is a prime example of all of this. Innocent is genre fusing track with alternative rock elements that are reminiscent of Oasis combined with a dynamic flair and compelling melodies of Future, two artists you’d never expect to see together but damn it’s a brilliant combination.

The track details a relationship that has run its course with the poignant lyrics talking about the tough conversations, mutual frustration, lack of support and the realisation that his one is going to end in heartbreak. It’s an emotive modern ballad set to sound that slowly grows to the point where you find yourself getting pulled closer and closer to the lush soundscape he’s crafted until you’re completely enthralled. Unique and brilliantly exciting.

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