YASUKE THE JASHIN has the stage presence and personality of someone who could turn a cold crowd into a rampant frenzy. In-fact he’s already done it on multiple occasions, opening for a plethora of acts to warm the crowd up, and instead turning it into his own personal concert. He’s stage dived, created mosh pits, had audience members screaming his lyrics after barely one listen, and left audiences talking more about his opening act than the artist they went to see.

He’s the ultimate limelight stealer and it’s clear to see why when you listen to his back catalogue. One deep dive and you’ll be inundated with visceral lyrics describing graphic imagery that leans heavily into controversial territory, but his reasoning is sound. Wanting the youth to scream their rage out, yelling obscenities that offer a cathartic effect on them, whilst still maintaining their health in the outside world. He might give off super villain lives, when in fact he’s the perfect anti-hero.

SNAKESKIN RICKS is his latest drop and it’s a must see life. Aggressive XXXTENTACION like vocals over a bombastic beat, this track is going to launch crowds into a fevered frenzy with ease. The underground Nashville scene is hyping him up and all I have to say is whatever you think about his music, you can’t tell me you’re not a little bit interested in seeing this man live.

Must Read