Noah in the Open – Mission Failed

Noah in the Open returns with his latest single ‘Mission Failed.’ 

The track is an introspective retreat into his mind that takes place during a moment of defeat and knowing what is to come next in a fading relationship. The story behind it can be best explained with a quote from an interview Noah did on Kind of Consistent, “Mission Failed was born from a late-night burst of emotions in my childhood bedroom, having been comfortable in a long-term relationship with someone I slowly but surely felt slip away. Picking up on the signs, I waited with unrest spiraling about when she would pull the trigger. I penned the song in 30 minutes, a week before the impending breakup.” 

The message was paired beautifully with the soundscape he built, opting to accompany the story with only a few vocal takes and an upright piano. The notes he plays linger in a way that personifies wanting to remain in the emotions he’s feeling, knowing that once he leaves the moment he’s in that it may be the last time he feels that way for a while. 

Hearing why he wrote this song only makes it even more soul crushing, and the tone of the track serves the listener even further as a perfect gateway into the revolving door of seasonal depression that is soon to start setting in as the winter nights creep in.

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