Sara Jackson-Holman – Game Set Match

One of my personal favourite things about music is when hip hop and pop come together in a glorious fusion of the two genres to create a compelling piece of music that is uniquely balanced and spellbinding by the dynamic of them both. It’s something I rarely get a chance to find but luckily Sara Jackson-Holman has delivered one of those tracks in sublime fashion with Game Set Match having me hooked from start to finish.

The production is brilliant, the use of that music box like synth to create the backing was a stroke of genius with it adding this understated flair to the piece that makes elevates the sonic experience tenfold. Then you’ve got her soft vocal juxtaposing the hard hitting beats in the production as the pulsating melodies reverberate through my body whilst the lyrics offer me a cathartic experience. Yep, I’m hooked to her sound.

Must Read