If you’re based in London there’s a strong chance you’ve heard the name NAYANA IZ before with her raw, intensely passionate sound making her the talk of the town. She has a distinct sound that fuses her own Indian heritage with bombastic beats to create a sound that’s unlike anything else out there. Her fiery delivery is second to none and the evocative lyricisms she crafts will blow you all away, quite literally in fact with her latest track TNT.

“‘TNT’ is my message that I see through it all – like an x-ray. It’s named ‘TNT’ because I’m about to go off and confront it all; I’m done playing games and hiding. I live by straight honesty and loyalty now it’s time to surround myself with people alike,” NAYANA IZ explains. “The cover is a photo of my grandmother singing and thang-ta dancing when she was my age. At this time in her own life she had a lot of dark things happening in her life which she had just escaped. She still held her soul and this photo is the epitome of pureness to me – a place where I hope to be one day.”

The expressive lyrics are the highlight of the track with NAYANA IZ’s delivery adding a fiery edge and raw emotional honesty to them where you feel the ferocity coming out from her with the straightforward lyrics hitting harder than ever before. Deep beats amplify all of this further to a frenzied point where you’ll find yourself wanting to live life like her, straight, honest and loyal. She’s about to blow up in this scene, there’s no denying that.

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