Fiji Blue – Flower in the Dark


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Fiji Blue is the artistic endeavour of singer-songwriter Trevor Dering and multi-instrumentalist and producer Val Fritz. The duo are hitting the ground running with their new release of ‘Flower in the Dark’ following the commercial success of their recent EP titled ‘Reasons You Should Care’. And ‘Flower in the Dark’ is definitely another reason why you should care. The latest single sees Val create a warm house-leaning, keys driven instrumental  to accompany Trevor’s recognisable relaxed vocal delivery. Lyrically the single explores themes of escapism and loneliness. Trevor confesses in ‘Flower in the Dark’ that he’s “been lonely, everyday” and “like a flower in the dark…needs to escape’. Val’s addition of Nile-Rodgers inspired rhythm guitars in the chorus, create an undeniably danceable bouncy groove, the perfect contrast for Trevor’s sad boy storytelling lyrics. The duo’s growing catalogue showcases their ability to tap into a variety of genres, blending them to create their own unique style and sound. 

Founded ​​during their time at the Berklee School of Music, the duo gained early recognition with their infectious chilled pop sound with tracks such as ‘Space Makes Me Sad’ and their most-streamed single ‘Butterflies’. Fast-forward to 2021, Fiji Blue have amassed a global fanbase, millions streams and sold-out shows across America. Regardless of their success, the duo are true to their DIY self-sufficient ethos from producing music to creating their own artwork, merchandise and music videos. 

When asked about their intention and overall message behind the music, Trevor stated that: “I just want to show people it’s not just one sound. We can live in a world of a lot of genres. Between Val being so talented on the production end with what he does, and myself trying to explore a deeper level of emotional lyrics through storytelling, I hope after people listen to this EP people can realize we’re a jack of all trades when it comes to music… We hope at the end of this EP people feel emotionally distraught. Like overwhelmed by the story we’re trying to tell.” Val responded “I really want people to see us as an experience. The Fiji Blue experience. I really want people to listen to these songs and feel like they can’t wait to take their friends to one of our shows. To want to stand in a crowd, dance and scream these lyrics from the top of their lungs. Dance, drink, maybe cry a little, and just have the best time. We want them to be welcomed into our world and really feel the music.”

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