Trafton – Winter Blues (Demo)

WBC (Demo).jpg

Ever since his first release we’ve been a massive fan of dark pop artist Trafton, honestly with every single release this young artist has continued to thrive and get better with every single release. Now usually with him we get a very electronic production, however this time Trafton has come out with a delicate piano lead number called Winter Blues (Demo) that has sent shivers down my spine with ease.

Speaking about the track to us, Trafton said, “This song is different from most that I write. It tells the story of characters that I imagined, not one about my own life. It’s two people who are in a cold, quiet winter with just each other. The dynamic of the relationship is complex and certainly not healthy, and I wrote the lyrics to explore mostly one side of it. I really focused on writing a solid song from a pop songwriting perspective and incorporated some lyrics that I don’t think I’d normally say (like directly saying pills, LA, and baby a million times). I recorded a totally stripped, acoustic version of it with just the piano (same one in the final version) and then brought it to my friend Jack to coproduce a demo with me that I was actually considering pitching out to other artists instead of performing myself. At some point during that production, I realised I definitely wanted to release it myself, but kept the (demo) in the title to differentiate it from the other songs on the EP.”

The storytelling within this track is mesmerising, from the very first lyric you feel like you’re going on a journey with this relationship and experiencing the highs and lows that they’ve gone through and the intimate production enhances this even further. It’s almost as if you’re a fly on the wall of their life. Trafton’s whisper like vocal delicately dances over the production whilst maintaining a strong emotional connection throughout, it’s very reminiscent of Jon Bellion in that sense. However the highlight of the track for me is when a chorus of distorted harmonies join Trafton to create a hauntingly beautiful moment that feels like the dramatic climax of a HBO drama.

Trafton consistently delivers and Winter Blues (Demo) is no exception. It is a strikingly beautiful ballad that flows effortlessly from start to finish. If you’re looking for an artist who can become the soundtrack to your future heartbreak then Trafton is your man.



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