RAYE – Hard Out Here


Fearless, valiant, gallant, lionhearted, spellbinding, these are all words that perfectly reflect RAYE’s long awaited comeback as an independent artist. After being locked in a label contract where they were withholding her album for over 7 years, we’re finally baring witness to her raw unfiltered artistry that will leave you rapturous with delight. Her vision is no longer blurred, it’s crystal clear as we get to see this sonic tapestry unfurl before us in her revitalised single Hard Out Here.

She unapologetically uses her voice to alchemise her pain and frustration over the past few years into Hard Out Here. She bounces back, taking aim at her label, the patriarchy and toxic masculinity that’s prevalent within the industry as well as the very world we live in. Her unfiltered lyrics pack an almighty punch, landing blow after blow like a prime Lucia Rijker, “What you know about systems / About drugged drinks / Fucking nearly dying from addictions.” The production only enhances this storytelling further, a flurry of thrivelous beats litter the soundscape with halcyon strings gliding over them and hauntingly beautiful vocals bringing it all together. This isn’t just a comeback, it’s a statement of intent and cements RAYE as one of the most exciting artists around right now.

“I am beyond excited to be working with Human Re Sources –a company that supports me as an independent artist and encourages raw unfiltered artistry. It has been nothing short of a breath of fresh air working with this team, who have allowed me to execute MY vision entirely. A company governed by art, not soullessly chasing the chart. As a young woman in this wild industry I have never before experienced being able to be in control of my career, my releases, my visuals and my narrative. I am both empowered and supported and I can not wait for this journey we will embark on together, in finally getting to release my debut album, 7 years in the making”

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