Midnight High – Avenue

If you’re a fan of artists like HAIM and Muna then Midnight High are set to be your latest sonic addiction. Taking influence from eras gone by with a retro soundscape that’s been brought head first into the 21st century. It’s contemporary and deeply nostalgic, making it excitingly fresh and comfortably familiar. Midnight High use our craving for nostalgia and transform it into an addictive pop single with a rock edge that you’ll be blasting on repeat after one listen.

Avenue features shimmering 80’s synths, that you’d expect to see in a Madonna record, or even feature in the Stranger Things soundtrack, before contrasting them with a fuzzy electric guitar. The drums have an irresistible forward motion, keeping the energy at high octane levels with their lush harmonies providing an electrifying boost alongside them.

I’ve become accustomed to a lot of modern pop debuts having an underlying nervous energy. Something where it feels like they’re questioning part of their musicality or aren’t fully sure of themselves just yet. Midnight High are the complete opposite, instead being filled with a contagious energy that serves as a catalyst for the creative community they’re gradually building. Be prepared to see what else this band can accomplish.

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