hemlocke springs – sever the blight


The anticipation I have for whenever hemlocke springs is about to drop something is unmatched. Her songs have a unique aura surrounding them whilst having an odd familiarity, it’s something strange and new that you can’t help but want to learn more about. This is why so many became fascinated by her in the first place, the idiosyncratic nature of her songwriting left you in awe because there wasn’t anyone like her. Even now you’d struggle to find an artist who’s got the same dedication to the artistry, visuals, and love of the fans than her. The term one in a million is overused in the music world but she is the definition of this phrase. She’s simply Avant Garde.

Sever the blight is what people love about her. The pure art of her performance style is mesmerising to listen to. Her voice is ethereal with a haunting quality bubbling underneath, carried by that defining charisma she has that compels you to come further into other-worldly sound. Her theatricality is reminiscent of Kate Bush, both artists managing to blaze a trail for themselves when no other path would do, soon to be followed by a plethora of other artists who wouldn’t be there without them.

The visuals are charmingly nostalgic. Giving flashbacks to the early 90’s where friends would do silly recordings in their back garden or basement, creating their own story and world for the sheer fun of it. Living in the renaissance era, creating kingdoms, playing Dungeons and Dragons, it’s all there in the video. It’s embracing being weird, but in a way that doesn’t feel ‘cool’ and that’s what really makes hemlocke springs a special artist.

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