It’s been three years now since we’ve had new music from Karin Park, who could forget the glorious Art Pop album Apocalypse Pop. Within those three years Park has really kept herself busy by starring as Fantine in the acclaimed musical Les Miserables at the Folketeateret in Oslo, Norway and starting a band called Pandora Drive who released their debut EP Albino Heart in early 2018

Now though we’ve got a brand new material from Park as a solo artist. Blue Roses builds on Apocalypse Pop with it starting out melancholy until building to a grand finale that feels like it belongs within an extraordinary piece of cinema. Ominous drum beats lead the track creating a haunting atmosphere with Park’s vocals adding to this dark style and when that’s combined with intense lyrics like, “If you see me with a gun in my hand, Stay off my sacred land,” then you’ve got a track that makes it one Park’s most exciting tracks to date.

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