During life we have times when we feel worthless, when everything around us makes you feel horrible about yourself and nothing you do can stop it. Then it all changes when your family and friends all begin to lift you up turning cloudy days into sunny ones again, change your perspective and just make you see the beauty that is in life again. That is what Nashville based pop band Coyote Choir’s debut single SING! is about.

The meaning of this track is something I love and having a message like this with music since it has such a curative qualities to it. The happy go lucky vocals, groovy beat and uplifting lyrics like, “Come on sing with me, Hear the beauty let it lift you up, Be healed by the sweet harmony,” of this track will put a smile on your face in no time. There is also an infectious nature to it that makes you want to sing along and when you’ve got a lyric video that is literally a karaoke machine then it’s hard not to.

“We wrote it for someone close to us who has a beautiful voice but went through a season of quietness.  She had lost her desire to sing. The song is an encouragement and reminder to us and, hopefully to all who hear, to use the gifts you’ve been given to inspire others. The message is clear: whatever stole your voice, take it back.” – Coyote Choir

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