Edward & Jane are a six piece band based Chattanooga, Tennessee who are lead by the husband and wife duo Edward and Jane Carpenter, you know what they say a couple that plays music together stays together. The band are known for their luscious harmonies, folk rock sound and their heart wrenching lyrics that focus on timeless themes and allows their music to make a connection with almost anyone.

Recently the band released a new track called Hold Your Own where the lyrics can only be described as pure poetry and tell the story of someone who’s been able to tackle every obstacle life has thrown at them and come out stronger every time. The track leans more towards the country sound with a nostalgic feel that makes me think of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and with a raw vocal mixed with flawless vocal harmonies that remind me of Fleetwood Mac. A radiant track with a beautiful message of how we must all find the strength to carry on and how we will become stronger because of it.

“Hold Your Own is a fight song that both harbors feelings of nostalgia, while simultaneously appropriately-timed for the generations to come. The woman who inspired it has long been an encouragement to us by her willpower and resilience. Despite her adversities, she never gave up, nor did she fail to move forward stronger than ever before.” – Edward & Jane

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