Back in 2017 Newcastle based artist L Devine released her debut EP Growing Pains that was filled with pop anthems focusing on the transition from adolescence to adulthood. With tracks about falling in love, Like You Like That, ones about being an introvert and not wanting to go out, Party On Your Own, and others focusing on the transition from school life to the real world, School Girls, the EP was one of the best to come out in 2017 and now L Devine has followed it up with another brilliant track.

Today she has released Peer Pressure, a track I fell in love with the moment I heard dialogue from The Heathers at the start. With a bubblegum pop style vocal reminiscent of Charli XCX (whom L Devine is working with on her debut album), a catchy and memorable melody that you’ll be quietly singing to yourself throughout the day and beautiful lyrics like, “Got so many friends and they make me feel alone, Always say they love me but I know they really don’t, I just suck it up and do whatever they want, tell me what I want,” that create an emotional resonance with the listener and that’s where this track truly shines.

The music video of the track focuses on feeling like an outsider wherever you got and never truly feeling at home in the world, almost like being on a planet that is not your own. Sometimes though it is okay to feel that way, we all do at one point or another and this track and video encapsulate that feeling perfectly. Truly divine!

“Peer Pressure is about trying to be yourself but also wanting to fit in. The song expresses my feelings of isolation and never quite feeling at home – whether it’s with my friends, my family or the world in general. It’s ok to feel like an alien!” – L Devine

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