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Explore a surreal world in Great Good Fine Ok’s new music video for “Touch”


If you’re ever looking for some top quality pop music then you should really check out the whole of Great Good Fine Ok’s discography as each one of their tracks is absolutely phenomenal. Their music fuses the soundscape of modern music with an nostalgic styling that gives their music a certain alluring quality that makes it feel like you’re getting a hug from an old friend.

The duo recently released the music video for their track Touch which is filled with soothing melodic beats sprinkled with some 80’s goodness and the feature of their flawless falsetto. The video is a surreal one focusing on two people exploring a new world together seeing marvellous wonders along the way such as: Dancing creatures, purple wildlife,  multicoloured serums, green substances and explosive galaxies that light up the night skies. All of this and more come together to craft a story of wonder and how discovering love can sometimes feel other worldly.

“Sometimes you need to travel through a wormhole to a distant planet to learn that you cannot escape your destiny. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.” – Great Good Fine Ok

Connect with Great Good Fine Ok: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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