There is something truly magical about Delta Rae. Every track they release enthrals you and is so different to their others but all focus on stories about the human condition ranging from tracks about dealing with loss, celebrating meeting the love of your life or even about forgiving who you used to be when you were younger. Each one of their tracks dives deep into these subjects with thought provoking lyrics and attach them to luscious melodies.

Today the band have released Do You Ever Dream that comes accompanied with a beautifully shot music video. The tracks itself can only be described as heart wrenching with melancholy vocals that captivate you, a somber atmosphere that enhances the delicate emotive nature of this track and lyrics that encapsulates that feeling of being in a relationship and wondering whether your partner feels as strongly as you do.

Then we have the video that is poetry in motion with its simple yet so deeply beautiful visual and powerful message attached  to it. The ending where she’s falling as he continues to walk on unfazed is a visual that will connect with anybody who has ever experienced being in a relationship like this.

“This is one of the most ambitious and heartfelt pieces we’ve ever created”. – Delta Rae

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